3 Ways To Give Yourself a Digital Detox

From constant updates on social media to hours on the screen, our lives have become dependent on screen time. We use them to wake us up, keep us from boredom, connect with others and take everywhere we go. But did you know that the constant exposure to digital devices is damaging our health?

Did you know that almost 75% of Brits claim that they would struggle without using a digital device? It is even said that the average user views their phone around a hundred times a day. So how can we stop being a slave to our handheld devices?

Here are three ways to give yourself a digital detox.

Make A list

Before you get started on your rehab, make a list of all your handheld devices to show you just how many gadgets you depend on. Create another list of things you enjoy doing in your life. This list alone will help you realize just how much time you can use doing things you like to do without the use of having a device to use your time on for hours.

Set A Daily Time Allowance

Establishing a daily time allowance will make you more likely to stick to your detox and keep track of just how much time you use of technology. This will even help you stay encouraged to interact socially with peers instead of keeping your eyes glued on the phone the entire time.

If you want to lose your dependency on digital devices completely, set yourself up for small limits every day. This exercise helps you reduce your use of technology throughout the day and make it easier for you to stick with.

Find a Hobby That Doesn’t Require a Device

If you are already putting your tools away and going offline, look for things to do. Do you enjoy exercising or going to the gym? Or how much taking up a new hobby like knitting? Trying something new will help the process of eliminating the use of technology.

Do you plan on going on a digital detox? Have you started already? Comment below and share your experience with us!

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