Founded by Dr. Bob Goodman, NoFreeLunch is a general health blog that is dedicated providing useful information for patients, physicians, nurses and students alike.

NoFreeLunchUK is meant to challenge the culture of big Pharma and medicine and bring awareness of medication we use today. Driven by the desire to make health support readily available, we make it out a mission to be the connection between health care professionals and patients.

Here at NoFreeLunch, we use our platform to discuss health issues we face today – everything from epidemic diseases to antibiotic resistance. We provide useful information that relates to medical personal.

As a premier health blog in the UK, NoFreeLunch UK contains the latest research and articles about raising drug awareness and treatment to help people who deal with various conditions. We offer a visceral insight into the topics of health and use our professional experience to write nearly hundreds of publications online.

As experience is our primary foundation, NoFreeLunch UK is used a resourceful tool for patients who are affected by health conditions and dealing with medication. This blog is continually updated with new content, tips, advice and opinions for coping with the challenges that may come.