The following links are excellent sites to help you find quality information in health care. These links provide credible sources for health websites.

MedlinePlus – – MedlinePlus is a National health web site that contains the largest medical library to help bring you updated information about issues in health, conditions and diseases. MedlinePlus provides reliable information, free of charge.

National Cancer Institute – – As the largest Cancer institution in the United States, NCI provides thorough information and research about the latest clinical trials of cancer treatment and procedures.

AIDSinfo – – AIDSinfo offers information on the latest guidelines, treatment, and prevention trials in HIV/AIDS treatment. Here you will find more information about how treatment and research studies are improving as well as the people affected by HIV/AIDS.

UpToDate – – UpToDate is a physician-authorized support resource that provides useful information based on evidence.

UK HealthCare HealthSmart – – UK HealthCare providers the latest tips and information from the top-leading experts in medicine. Here you will find out more information on how you can take better control of your health and what you should know.

Medical Library Association – – The Medical Library Association offers quality health care information from improved health and how you have enhance the quality the education and health research.

Mayo Clinic – – Mayo Clinic is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing expert research and education to help others make well-informed decisions about their health care.

Kids Health – – Kids Health provides helpful information that provides families with children a better perspective, helpful advice and comfort about issues that may affect children.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – – The CDC is part of the major sections of the US Department of Health. CDC helps to bring awareness and support communities looking for answers.